Don't know why I am amazed when wise words come out of the young mouths. Maybe because I never used to talk at their age or think, the most I used to think of was next grades and how to ace it. Sad though that was it!

In one of the recent trips met a very young lady and we were talking over drinks, and what kind of topics amazed me!

The scribble you see on the photo is from that, she said that for her respect is the most important thing. How we all tend to overlook that aspect…

Upcycling of preloved books for raising funds and awareness for

An initiative by Pranav, our son to crowdfund education of kids of folks who cannot afford quality education at a cost and who cannot afford to save up money for the same. This program helps them to start saving in a systematic fashion for a single purpose of school education. This program is also about empowerment. A classic example is our present client Venilla, working as a cook and caretaker. How much ever she tries she digs into her savings as she is separated from her husband and she…

When I set out with Ravi for an off-roading trip in his gipsy didn't know what would be our route map for the next 4 days, I went with a hidden agenda of sleeping on the drive endlessly. I love sleeping in moving vehicles. Is there a word for that? Narcolepsy I guess…. anyways I immensely love that experience, but don't ever try … it gives you neck and back cramps and also gains a lot of wrath of the driver and he/she might not call you next time for the trip.

The trip turned out of one of the…

I am quite intrigued by the new normal… after March 2020.

Although being in lockdown, I am unable to fathom, what would be the new normal after this period is over!

Cant, I will be a little careless and grab things around while buying and then eat off the shelf and rely on the Indian immune system to help me!

Cant I just pick up any random thing from the floor and give to someone?

Cant I just randomly touch a person while talking?

Wouldnt it be difficult to talk to an elderly as the safe distance might be a…

PURPOSE and INTENT of Hylobiz as in Vishal Gupta’s words.

This Quote from Good quote triggered us to look into this

“Everything done with PURPOSE, pure INTENT, through LOVE and in BALANCE, reaps great REWARD”

The purpose of Hylo the SME NeoBanking Platform as defined by its very anchor Vishal Gupta goes like this “Digitising the SME distribution value chain”

Intent — Build a valuable business, while our SME customers build theirs. Love in this:

Priority is given to delighting the SME with digital tools to ease their business.

Balance — to be achieved is — while helping the growth…

I am all over the place from start to finish, I am the proud way-finder for all the runners here. And these are a crazy bunch whom I am associated with! I am saffron in colour and I fluttered in fresh air of vagamon in abandon.

Thanks to the organisers, they might have taken all the trouble to mark this trail and then hang me in all prominent places. I am talking of the

The runners I am associated with are running a whopping 90kms in a day ( grit or it is sheer existence in the test!), Some not so mad, they just need to cover 60 kms… then comes the fun run, it is 33 Kms ONLY. Ha ha! So a crazy bunch got together in a beautiful place called Vagamon to do this stuff and I am witness to all the fun.

In the usual net browsing, tabs are opened for “reading” and left there!

It chokes the web browser to a gasping halt and only way to recover is to shut it all down. All that data scored from the web is “lost”, in this process.

Isn’t this indication of hoarding of data on the net?? Does this have a word by now! I chanced upon this on the web: Textpectation. So there could be a word for this hoarding as well.

I can confirm, it is hoarding, why because we save it up (either bookmark it or even store it…

Pooram of Thrissur, a small primer before the pics. This is the best pooram in the whole world.. or is it galaxy? Yes we thissurkarans/Karis (People from a town in Kerala India), believe it that way! Ask any from there…!

Pooram — although a malayalam calender day, is the name synonymous to temple festival in Kerala. This is most attended because it is the town’s festivals where many temples are involved. So it brings in resources of many temples to make it an extravaganza. Main being the Paramekavu Devi temple, Vadakunathan Shiva temple and Thiruvambady Krishna temple of the 10…

Do you have this thought coming to you? I get it. We as digital marketers are taught to have a visual content for this channel which is hugely popular nowadays with almost all age groups…
So you are either an Instagram junkie ( Who posts frequently and is highly regarded by your followers or others pass you as a loser who has no other job to do) or a casual stalker on it ( Just browses what others posts and be informed of all the activities) or an Instagram-aspirant who wanna post one day! (Just grazing in the turf to know…

Hylo — Hyperlocal App for going Local — 3 — Curious case of Conscious customer.

The customer profiling for Hylo @goHylo the hyperlocal application which aims at bettering the community living by helping digitize the local business and services.

The local business could be the grocer near you, the vegetable vendor or launderer. The business could be the homepreneur who sells seeds or organic manure from the comfort of his/her home.

The services could be as simple as a home tutoring which can be on-boarded to the dog-walking slot which can be in this platform so that anything and everything…

Lakshmi Thampi

Engineer, digital marketeer/growth hacker with @teknospire @hyloBiz. Enjoys Photography, if it is candid. Food and Yoga entices.

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